Sunday 14 April 2019

Scannable Scoresheets

If you are looking for an easier way to do game entry, a solution may be at hand. is providing a test service which allows scoresheets to be scanned, and pgn files produced. It does involve the use of specially formatted scoresheets (and neat handwriting), but unlike other solutions I have seen, the requirements are not that onerous.
The system is web based, but importantly, it is an open source project (with the code on Github), so it can be reconfigured if necessary.  To install your own version requires some technical knowledge (it is written in python and uses the flask framework) but if you are into image and text processing it looks like something worth exploring.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm really glad to see our software on your blog! We are currently working on an Android app to do this so that it's easier, and maybe have the PGN emailed to your computer where you can then analyze it on Stockfish Desktop.

If anyone wants to help work on it I'd be glad to answer any questions or provide some clarification, I'm not sure if our documentation is fantastic or anything as of now but it is honestly not too complicated once explained.

Rithwik Sudharsan said...

Accidently had my last comment Anonymous, my email is for any questions.