Friday, 9 November 2018

2018 World Championship tips

With the 2018 World Championship starting in a few hours, it is time to put my reputation as a tipster on the line. Having looked at both players records, recent form, likely opening strategies, quality of the support team, etc etc, I realise that I'm still going to go with my gut on this one. And my gut thinks that Carlsen will win. While I think it might be a close match, I'm going to predict a 6.5-4.5 final score, with a win for Carlsen in match 11 to wrap it up.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the FIDE PB continues its usurpation of the GA (which likely, as usual, delegated to it), naming Bologan as FIDE Executive Director.

10.4 The Executive Director shall be nominated by the FIDE President and confirmed by the General Assembly.

One could interpret this to mean "confirm" at the next relevant date, and indeed in practice when a vacancy that's likely what's relevant, though having a 2-year run prior to GA approval is a significant gap in thinking here.

Nigel Short says 1/3 of the Commissions were axed by the PB, which by parliamentary reasoning, can only be done (post-2012) by the organ designated to create them, namely again the GA (Statute 3.5). (Of course, the PB can zero-fund Commissions as it pleases, but outright eliminating them?)

Adamski said...

I agree,Shaun. Magnus will win.