Thursday 29 March 2018

Gareyev 10 from 10 in simul

GM Timur Gareyev help kick off this years O2C Doeberl Cup by scoring a perfect 10 from 10 in a blindfold simul. It was pretty impressive feat, given that the field had a number of strong club players taking part, as well as a few up and coming juniors.
To keep the simul to a manageable time, clocks were used, with Gareyev having 90 minutes with a 1 minute increment, while his opponents had 55 minutes and no increment. Unlike a normal simul where players move in turns, each player could move at anytime, and push the clock to start Garayev's time running. It turned out that time was a factor in a couple of games, with two players losing on time, although their positions were collapsing at this point.
Probably the best game of the evening was against Leron Kwong, where a mistake in the opening by Kwong saw Gareyev throw all his pieces at the kingside, leaving Kwong unable to defend (If I get a copy I will try and post it)

With the first event out of the way, the next tournament up is the Premier. This starts at 1pm at the Southern Cross Club in Woden. There will be live coverage of the games via Chess24, albeit with a 30 minute delay. If you are in Canberra (and not already playing) you can come to the venue and watch GM Ian Rogers give live commentary. This normally starts about an hour into the round.

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