Monday 5 March 2018

Form is temporary

But class is permanent. So goes an old saying, which could be applied to Vishwanathan Anand. After winning the most World Rapid Championship he has backed it up with a win in the 2018 Tal Memorial. While the event isn't quite what it was (previously it was a classical all play all, now it is a rapid and blitz), it did have an incredibly strong field. His 6/9 was a full point ahead of Mamedyarov, Nakamura and Karjakin. He lost to Mamedyarov, but beat Nakamura, Dubov, Grischuk and Nepomniachtchi. Quite an impressive feat for a player many were suggesting was past it towards the end of 2017!


Ted Jennings IA said...

Hi, Shaun
Not about this topic but I saw a article you wrote about using a Raspberry Pi to broadcast "Live Boards".
I would be very interested how you got on with this as I am considering doing the same but I do not think I would have the same level as you in Python.
Any help would be much appreciated, out tournament is bunrattychess dot com
Ted Jennings IA

Piotr LA said...

It's good that I came across your blog. Congratulations on a job well done!