Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sac, sac, draw!

Vladimir Kramnik and Rainer Buhmann played an entertaining draw in the third round of the Sparkassen tournament in Dortmund last night. Kramnik decided to play for mate out of the opening, and proceeded to sacrifice a couple of minor pieces to try and achieve his aim. Buhmann defended quite well, beating off the attack and ending up with a piece for two pawns. However this was not going to be enough to win, as he only had one pawn of his own left, and after that went, a draw would be the likely outcome.

Kramnik,V (2812) - Buhmann,R (2653) [C11]
44th GM 2016 Dortmund GER (3), 12.07.2016

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Anonymous said...

The last 2 moves are a bit funny (Re5, Kxe5). DGT in action.