Monday, 20 June 2016

Which rook?

Which rooks should go on which files is a fundamental question in chess. The dreaded 'wrong rook' syndrome plagues chess players, and the correct answer often depends upon the outcome of the game. But this post isn't about that.
It is about which rook should be captured, if you have the choice. Due to my extremely risky play in a Street Chess game on the weekend, I gave my opponent exactly this choice. He could either capture on the kingside, although I would be able to recapture straight away. Or he could grab the rook on a8 with impunity. In the end he took the rook on a8, but this allowed the remaining rook to join the attack. I guess I was lucky that my opponent chose the wrong rook.

Hellmann,Oskar - Press,Shaun [C11]
Street Chess, 18.06.2016

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