Wednesday, 29 April 2015

More weirdness at the chess club

Last week I related the story of a Street Chess tournament coming to a grinding halt because the tournament laptop  was stolen (BTW, it has yet to turn up). This week saw the weirdness continue, with the first night of a new tournament at the ANU Chess Club almsot not happening due to unforeseen circumstances.
In this case I turned up to the venue to find I was locked out of the equipment room, as someone decided to change the combination of the door. Apparently they forgot to tell anyone they were doing this, which meant the tournament was going to either be a blindfold event, or possible a multi-player kriegspiel (as one member brought their own set).
After failing to track down the new combination, complete disaster was averted by a quick trip to where the Street Chess equipment is kept, to grab some sets and clock. Unfortunately the clocks are old analog ones (no increment!) and we were still missing scoresheets. In the end a decision was made to play a blitz instead, which turned out to be a fun tournament.
Nonetheless these sort of disturbances are becoming more and more frequent and I am beginning to wonder exactly which god I have offended, and how I managed to do it.

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Jim said...

Your paranoia is showing, Shaun.

Infamy! Infamy! Everybody's got it infamy!