Friday 22 August 2014

Back to club chess

While watching the worlds top chess players go round at the Olympiad has been enjoyable, my return to the club chess scene has not been without it's charms. I saw a number of nice attacking games at the ANU Chess Club on Wednesday night, and while not quite up to 2700+ standard, at least I could predict most of the moves in advance. At least in the chess circles I normally move in, the aim of checkmating the opponents king is still front and centre, and so there is a lot of attacking chess on display.
As I don't have some of the more interesting games from Wednesday night to hand, here is a game from earlier in the same tournament. Dillon Hathiramani played a text book kingside attack with the Kings Indian Defence, and while Adrian De Noskowski tried to find counterplay on the other side of the board, Hathiramani got his attack in first. After De Noskowski missed the correct reply to 24 ... Nxg2 (25.Kh1) the game was all one way traffic.

De Noskowski,Adrian - Hathiramani,Dillon
2014 ANU Winter Swiss ANU Chess Club (3), 06.08.2014

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