Monday 4 August 2014

2014 Olympiad - PNG Team (and others) Day 2

With the shift to match points at the Olympiad, the 'minnows' have found it harder to score points early in the event. This is because it is possible for a team on 0 to play a team on non-zero points in the early rounds, as long as neither team has won a match. So yesterdays performance by the PNG team was quite impressive, taking 1.5 points off the higher rated Puerto Rico team. FM Stuart Fancy played an excellent game to win on the top board, while Rupert Jones drew his board 3 game. In fact with a bit of time and confidence Jones may have found the winning plan, giving PNG an extra half point. So while the result does not add anything to the scoreboard for PNG at this stage, it has given the team a real confidence boost for the rest of the tournament.
Of the other Oceania teams, Guam is doing well, especially as it is their first Olympiad. They have scored points in their first two matches, and currently have 1.5 game points. Palau, Fiji and the Solomon Islands have had much tougher starts, and are yet to struggle the scorer. New Zealand have had an above average start, following up 4-0 over Burundi with a fighting 1-3 loss to Poland. NZ actually had their noses in front at one stage, and the Poles were looking decidedly scared.

Fancy Stuart (2036) - Almedina Ortiz Edgardo J. (2277) [A00]
WCO2014 Tromso (2.1), 03.08.2014

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