Tuesday 6 May 2014

Zombie Chess?

My son was relating to me a dream he has the other night, where he became a Zombie Chess GM.  In the dream he was playing a Grandmaster, who also happened to be infected by a zombie virus. By playing the ZGM he also became a Zombie, with the side effect that his chess ability improved to GM level. I'm not really sure this is part of Zombie canon, as no ones brain seemed to get eaten, but at least some of the elements are there.
Doing a little research on the topic I came across more than one ruleset for 'Zombie Chess'. Some involve resurrecting captured pieces, some involve the shambling hordes, and some involve special pieces. Not having time to go through them I'll throw my own (possibly already invented) game into the mix.
Simple rules: White plays as normal humans, Black is the zombie army. Zombies move one square forward or diagonally forward. Any piece captured by a zombie becomes a zombie (occupying the square that the capturing zombie moved off). Any zombie captured is removed from the board. Humans win by capturing all zombies. Zombies win by getting a zombie to the back rank.
Is the game playable? No idea!

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