Friday 16 May 2014

Worst trap ever?

When I first started playing chess, opening traps were very much on my mind. Having been zinged a couple of times in positions I thought were safe, I learnt more than my share of tricky opening lines. Of course there were traps that only worked if your opponent played the move you needed them to play, but if they did not, you just ended up with a terrible position.
But what does it mean when you set a trap for your opponent, but after that walk into, you still lose. Such a horrible fate befell J. Krivec in 2004. Despite being rated 2300, the trap she set for her opponent simply allowed mate in 1. Surely a candidate for the worst opening trap ever!

Vogel,H (2152) - Krivec,J (2301) [D00]
5th ch-EURw Dresden GER (12), 02.04.2004

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