Wednesday, 3 October 2012

One in a row

Up until last night I had managed to be undefeated at long time control chess since the start of the year (IIRC). The run came to an end after I got cracked by Chong Wang at the Belconnen Chess Club, in a game where he played a very good attack, and I failed to find the correct defence.
So with my undefeated streak reset to zero, I sat down this evening  to see what I could do. Paired against Ethan Derwent (a strong Canberra junior), I was faced with the Sicilian Dragon. To be honest I don't mind seeing the Dragon in front of me, as at least you have an idea of what you and your opponent are trying to do (eg checkmate the other player). In this case my attack was just a little faster, although I did miss a quicker win involving a rook sac. Nonetheless I do wrap up the point, and extend my winning streak to 1.

Press,Shaun - Derwent,Ethan [B78]
ANU Spring Swiss (1), 03.10.2012

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