Sunday, 28 October 2012


While I'm hopeless at solving Studies and Problems I still enjoy looking at them, especially ones that are visually appealing. An example if the study shown here. It is White to play and win, and what attracted to me to this problem was the fact that despite the 'equal' nature of the position, White still has a win.
As with most studies it is the first few moves that are hard to find, before it resolves itself into something more familiar. Even if you can't find the exact solution, at least attempting it may help you reinforce some important K+P concepts.
BTW I came across this problem in the recently revamped British Chess Magazine. As part of editorial/ownership changes, the magazine now has a slightly different look, which to my eyes, is an improvement over the last few years. It isn't a radical departure from the previous format, but is does look more professional. A thumbs up from me!

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