Friday, 23 March 2012

2012 European Championship

This years European Chess Championship has started in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Like previous years it has attracted a very strong field, with over 100 GM's! Many in the 2600+ category. Top seeds include young guns Caruana and NegiGiri, plus the usual host of eastern Europeans. One thing I've noticed at the other end of the field is the smaller number of chess 'tourits' (players under 2000). I could only guess the reason for this, but possibly the idea of spending two weeks as cannon fodder does not make for an appealing holiday. The tournament website is allthough are also covering the tournament (including live games with compute analysis).

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 'tourists' have zero tolerance for the 'zero tolerance' rule being applied; i.e. forfeiture time of zero instead of the normal half an hour. Professionals may have to put up with this, amateurs do not. Roland Brockman