Thursday, 15 March 2012

2012 ANU Masters - Round 6

FM Junta Ikeda has maintained his lead in the 2012 ANU Masters, although it has been reduced to half a point. Martijn Van de Pol held Ikeda to a draw, holding a tricky ending with both players short of time. This result allowed IM Andrew Brown to close the gap, after he defeated Ethan Derwent. Miles Patterson continued to perform above his rating, drawing with Andrey Bliznyuk. Avoiding his usual English Opening, Patterson kept the position even throughout, and the game ended with a drawn bishop of opposite colours ending.
Harry Press defeated Jeremy Reading, scoring his first win of the tournament. Press sacrificed a pawn to gain the initiative, and after Reading missed a couple of good moves in the middlegame, Press was able to reach a winning ending.
A full crosstable for this event, as well as a pgn file of games is available from the ANU Chess Club website, under the current tournaments link.

Reading,Jeremy (1909) - Press,Harry (1884)
2012 ANU Masters Canberra AUS (6), 14.03.2012

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