Monday, 25 April 2011

2011 O2C Doeberl Cup - Day 5

"Sheer hard work" is probably the phrase that best sums up the 2011 O2C Doeberl Cup Premier. I'm not talking about the organisational aspects, but the effort the players themselves put in over the 9 rounds. There were a couple of standout games in this regard, with Solomon v Steadman (Rd 5) seeing Solomon recovering from the wrong side of Q+Ps v 2N+Ps to eventually mate with 2NvP, whole Johansen beat Ly in a R+B v R epic that lasted over 6 hours.
Even the final round games were tough with only 1 draw on the top 5 boards (resulting in three players picking up some extra money from the "Fighting Fund").
Russian GM Andrei Deviatkin proved to be the toughest of the tough, winning his final game and the tournament. He scored 7.5/9, drawing with the next 3 place getters (Bojkov, Hansen and Smerdon), and winning the rest of his games. He played 5 of the top 6 finishers, and had a performance rating of 2650. In second place were GM's Dejan Bojkov and Sune Berg Hansen. They were both undefeated, but conceded one more draw than Deviatkin.
From a local (Australian) point of view there were a couple of outstanding performances. Eugene Schon went into the final round playing for an IM norm, although having to play the top seed (GM Hansen) with black was just a step to far. His score of 6/9 was still good enough to win the Bedi Cup for the best Australian Junior, and the $1000 prize that went with it.
FM Max Illingworth continued his good form in the Thailand open with a win over FM Bobby Cheng in the final round to finish on 6.5/9. While this wasn't enough for an IM norm, he still picked up 18 ratings points.
Final results from the Premier can be found at the O2C Doeberl Cup website or from Chess-Results.


Anonymous said...

Why can't you guys get your act together and post the final result of all divisions on the Doeberl website and not just the Premier results.

Charles said...

Dont know who you are but they are all up there and have been all weekend. Click on the results tab.

Anonymous said...

I said FINAL results.

How could the final results have been up there all weekend when the event only finished on Monday.

At 1:04am only the results up to round 6 were showing for the Major and Minor on the Doeberl site.

Charles said...

Gee I dont know anonyomous - why cant we get our act together to give you the results instantly.

Maybe to complete the tournament we have to packup playing equipment for 230+ players, at 1615 hours we took all of the overseas Grand Masters for a nature walk to see kangaroos, then we hosted them for dinner at my house until 2230, then this morning we met them at the Charter Bus to move them to Sydney for the SIO. In between we transferred all the gear to club owners, returned all perpetuals and equipment to my house and packed it away.

Post your name - dont be so gutless. If you want to be critical of our performance show some character and put your name up. Then we can assess your performance.

Charles said...

Actually based on what I just posted to an anonymous backhander that I would normally just accept as the cost of actually doing something in this world I probably need to catchup on a weeks sleep having just run the Doeberl back to back with 7 days on an Outward Bound course with my son (we got back on Wed at 1300 and the Premier started Thursday at 1300).

Off to sleep now.

Steven said...

Does anyone have the pgn for the last two rounds ?