Friday, 8 April 2011

2011 Dubbo Open - Day 0

The 2011 Dubbo Open begins tomorrow, but the organisers are already confident that the tournament will be a success. Advance entries have passed the 40 mark, and a field of 50+ is a possibility. This years event could also be one of the most open in years as currently there is no one rated above 2000 in the field. If I was feeling egotistical I might call it "The Curse of Me", as when I play there is always a random IM/GM swooping in to clean up first prize, but instead it is one of those cyclical things that effect tournaments from time to time.
Instead I'll be directing the tournament, and due to the marvels of modern technology, reporting the results from the venue. To this end I've added an extra link from the ANU Chess Club home page, titled Non ANU Events. Click on this to see the cross tables and pairings from the tournament.

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The chess nut said...

I planning to go to this tournament earlier in the year..... but have university assignments due.

Oh well... Next year maybe