Friday, 8 October 2010

A change in drug testing policy

I'm not sure how widely known this is, but there has been a significant change in the FIDE drug testing policy. Sadly it isn't the complete abolition of the policy, but it does involve a severe reduction in who is being tested. Instead of anyone playing a chess tournament, FIDE are now testing members of the FIDE Registered Testing Pool. This consists of players rated over 2650 (maximum of 10) and female players rated above 2450 (maximum of 5). The provisions do include the possibility of testing outside this group, but I have been told that this isn't happening (I asked Dr Jana Bellin if I would be tested again and she simply replied "No, you are not good enough")
Interestingly I witnessed Ivanchuk being asked to go to doping control at this Olympiad (as I had done in 2008), but this time it was done without the same drama. Maybe because Ivanchuk had just won his game, or because medical commission member Jon Speelman was making the request, but Ivanchuk seemed happy to comply.
So at least there is now a more nuanced approach to the drug testing issue although my position is still that it should not be there at all.
If you are interested in the full testing policy click for the current regulations

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