Thursday, 17 June 2010

Not the outcome we were looking for

Two weird stories popped up today, one to do with chess, and one to do with something else. I've decided to group them together, simply because I found them both funny.
The first involved Loek Van Wely in the Dutch Championship. As an experiment, he had sensors attached to his body to read his stress levels during his round 4 game. However things didn't quite go according to plan, as his opponent FM Benjamin Bok forced a repetition starting on move 13. This didn't amuse Van Wely, as neither player was willing to claim a three-fold repetition until move 37! As for measuring Van Wely's stress levels, the use of equipment may have been unnecessary, as his post game comments where he referred to his opponent as an "idiot" probably provided enough experimental data on its own. Chessvibes has the full story, including the game in question.
The second (non-chess) story involved a giant statue of Jesus, located in Ohio,USA. Nicknamed the "Touchdown Jesus" due to the its raised arms (like the signal for a touchdown in American Football), it was completely destroyed by a bolt of lightning during an overnight storm. Apparently the Adult Bookstore located on the other side of the freeway was left untouched. Full story here.


Anonymous said...

Referring to the second story: it was just a miss!

Paul said...

Jesus will be here when the hoochie store is long gone ! :-)

Shaun Press said...

I suspect if Jesus heard this news he'd be spinning in his grave.