Friday, 25 June 2010

2010 ANU Open

Only 4 weeks until the 2010 ANU Open & Chess Festival. This popular event is now in its 18th year(!) which puts it in with some of the longer running weekend events in this country.
Once again the Festival will have the poplar 2 day weekend event, the outdoor simul to kick of proceedings, the ACT Go Championship alongside, as well as schools events for primary and high school students.
The ANU Open will be on the weekend of the 24th and 25th of July at Fenner Hall, Northbourne Ave, Canberra. There is an Open event and and Under 1600 event. The Open is a true open (ie anyone can enter regardless of rating) and has a prize fund of $2200. The Under 1600 has a prize pool of $1100 making the total prize amount $3300. Both events are 7 round events played at the testing time limit of G/60m + 10s per move.
Full details of this event plus details on how to enter can be found at Ian Rout's chess page.

(Disclaimer: I am an *unpaid* official for this event)

2 comments: said...

Are any of the games going to be broadcast live?

Shaun Press said...

Possibly. Although Internet access from the playing hall itself has been problematic in the past, I am looking at a solution.