Saturday, 26 December 2009

Hastings Chess Congress

There are a number of traditional post-Christmas chess events, with the Hastings Chess Congress probably the most famous. For many years the top event was a strong round-robin, with a mixed field of top UK players and overseas masters, but these days it has fallen victim to economic necessity, and has become large swiss, like so many other events on the chess calendar.
Nonetheless it has attracted a strong lineup of players, with details to be found here. I was particularly pleased to see a preview of the tournament by Stewart Reuben, as he had been suffering from poor health a few months ago. Hopefully he is fully healed and back to his organising best.


Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks

Anonymous said...

I see that English FM Laurence Webb is playing at Hastings. See

Could be difficult to leave Hastings on 5 January 2010 and get to Sydney in time to play in the Australian Championship which starts 2 January 2010!