Thursday 20 September 2007

World Championship Tournament

As I missed the start of this event (not much coverage in HK) I haven't really been up to speed with what is happening. Fortunately Chesstoday has been sending me daily updates, and a visit to the official website has furnished me with the results.
One thing I didn't do in advance was to make a prediction on who was going to win. Of course with the tournament almost half way through I'm on safer ground than 2 weeks ago, but I did vote for Anand at the Chessvibes website. So I'll both claim that as proof that I was going to predict Anand, and happily report that he is leading the tournament, along with Boris Gelfand. Both have had 2 wins, but importantly Gelfand has won his last 2 games, over Aronian and Morozevich.
Another good place for coverage of this event is the chessok website, with the added bonus that GM Sergey Shipov is doing live online commentary of the games.
At this stage I'm still convinced that Anand will win but with the current high percentage of draws (66% drawn) it looks likely that the winning score will be low, leaving the door open for a "fast finisher"

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