Wednesday 5 September 2007

Chess and Australian Politics

Left wing pundit Phillip Adams has written an article about the upcoming Federal Election, replete with numerous chess metaphors and analogies. Unusually for such an article he seems to get most chess related references right, even mentioning more contemporary GM's rather than the usual "Cold War" references.
My only quibble would be describing the Rudd v Howard match as "Fischer v Topalov" when a more accurate description would be "Kramnik v Topalov" with Howard taking the role of Topalov, acting squeaky clean while his dirty tricks squad (Danilov) complain about Rudd(Kramnik) making too many trips to a Strip Club (Toilet).
But read the article yourself and see how it measures up.


Anonymous said...

Bugga. Link no work. Anyway hope you and family have a good time O/S short though it may be.

Shaun Press said...

Sorry, my mistake. It should now work.