Tuesday 18 October 2022

2022 Asian Seniors - My first win

 After 4 rounds of the 2022 Asian Seniors I am 1.5/4. I lost in the first round to IM Gary Lane, drew my 2nd round, and won my third round game. Sadly my upwards trajectory did not continue, losing in round 4 to Gordon Morrell. At the time I thought I was just being outplayed (which I was), but I did miss a somewhat obvious saving move towards the end, which I saw but dismissed due to overthinking the position.

Here is my third round game, where I won a pawn in the middlegame, and eventually a second going into a Queen ending. These can be very difficult to play, even materially ahead, and my opponent certainly tried everything he could to hold the draw.  However once I started marching my king up the board it turned out my checks were more damaging than his.

(NB I am including the game as a gif, as an experiment to see how it works on this blog)


Ha, Timothy - Press,Shaun

2022 Asian Seniors, Round 3

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