Friday 21 October 2022

2022 Asian Seniors - Early results

While some games are still in progress, early results from the 2022 Asian Seniors have determined a lot of the top places. 

The over 50 event saw a number of quick draws on the top boards, leaving IM Gary Lane in outright first on 8/9. In 2nd place was FM Arlan Cabe (PHI) with 7, and FM Alexi Kulashko (NZL) in third place on 6. Both 2nd and third also earn IM norms, which might be enough for Kulashko to claim the title, as he had some previous norms for the New Zealand Championships. 

In the Over 65 event FM Efren Bagamasbad took a quick draw to secure first place on 7.5/9. Miles Patterson defeated David Lovejoy to finish outright 2nd on 7/9, while third place still depends on a couple of games currently in progress. For Bagamasbad, the win earns him an IM title, as he had previously been rated well above the required 2200 lifetime rating in the past. Patterson earns his first IM norm for his 2nd place, while the third place getter will also collect an IM norm. 

As for myself, I took a short draw in the final round, in part influenced by trying to finish in positive territory (3 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses), as well as a long game the previous day.

Ebenezer,Joseph - Press,Shaun
2022 Asian Seniors

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