Tuesday 29 June 2021

Who was that masked chessplayer?

 The local chess clubs in Canberra normally play at licensed clubs (eg Eastlakes Gungahlin or Tuggeranong Vikings). Due to the new Covid restrictions in place in the ACT, playing chess while masked up is now mandatory. At least at Gungahlin this evening, this seemed to be a minor inconvenience, and even some of the younger players (Under 12 years are exempt) still wore masks, either for safety, or simply to appear more grown up.

However you can remove your mask if you are eating or drinking, so at least one enterprising player parked a drink next to him soon after the game started, and played without his mask for the rest of the game. For those collecting data in whether this helps or hinders your chess it was mask 1 - no mask 0

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Virtue signallers ruin another chess scene