Wednesday 16 June 2021

A great escape

 Normally a game that holds up the end of a weekend tournament isn't that enjoyable, either to the players or organisers. However, there are exceptions, and the following is one of them. While the first half of the game involved a lot of manoeuvring of pieces, but little progress, FM Clive Ng decided to spice things up with an exchange sacrifice. The only problem with this approach was that it now meant he was worse, and after a few more moves, was in fact lost. The only ray of hope for Ng was the fact that his king was stalemated on h2, which gave him a drawing defence. When Anthony Fikh pushed his g pawn up the board, Clive was faced with being a whole rook down, but this actually helped him. After Rxg3, the 'desperado' rook sprang to life, offering itself to the Black king. As any capture lead to stalemate, Fikh was forced to march his king across the board, and after Ng found the very rare rook fork of king and rook, the draw was secured.


Ng,Clive - Fikh,Anthony [A29]
2021 NSW Open Sydney, Australia (7.7), 14.06.2021

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