Sunday 7 June 2020

Surely now is not the time

I've just received the surprising news that the Sun Herald is dropping GM Ian Roger's weekly chess column. The Sun Herald is a Sunday paper published in Sydney, Australia and has a circulation of around 150,000. The newspaper has had a chess column since 1935, with Gary Koshnitsky as the editor, and Rogers took it over in 1994 when Koshnitsky retired. This means in it's 85 year history it has had only 2 editors, which is quite remarkable.
Dropping the column at this time also seems quite odd. Chess is currently on a significant upswing, with big money online events springing up everywhere. With face to face sport either not being played, or being held in front of empty stadiums, chess is one way that people are staying connected. This should mean that newspapers (who have been looking for ways to increase their circulation) should be embracing chess, not ignoring it.
This is not the first time this has happened to the column btw. In 1988 Gary Koshnitsky was let go, and it was only after a significant number of complaints/ requests was the column restored. Maybe lightning will strike twice so if you want to see the column retained contacting the Editor Cosima Marriner at is a start. You can also give feedback at on this decision.

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