Tuesday 30 June 2020


Over the years I have tried different pieces of cataloguing software for my chess book collection, even going as far as writing my own. Recently I received a suggestion from a member of the Chess Book Collectors group on Facebook, which seems to have solved a lot of my problems.
LibraryThing is an online site that allows you to catalogue your book collections. It also has an app for android phones and iPhones, which enables you to both add books, and look up your current holdings. The phone app is especially useful as it has a barcode scanner, so you can add new books with your phone camera. As a lot of my books predate barcodes, using ISBN numbers is also supported when adding books.
So far I have added around 270 books in the last few days, on top of the 200 I imported from my previous database. At a guess I am not quite halfway through, but whether I top the 1000 title mark is still not clear.

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