Wednesday 6 May 2020

The tyranny of time zones

The plus side of internet chess is that I am saving a heap of money on overseas travel. The downside is that most of the events I am interested in usually start between midnight and 6am local time. Based on my past experiences at playing online poker at 4am, my usual low skill level at online chess would sink even lower if I tried to start such events.
It is also making watching events difficult, especially the ones that start in the evening (in the UK and Europe). I had planned to watch some of the 4NCL Online last night, but buy the time I had walked the dog and grabbed a 7am coffee, it was pretty much finished. However I did get a tip off about one interesting game, which I attach below.

Rogers,Jonathan W (2333) - Adair,James R (2450) [A28]
4NCL Online Division 1 (5.23), 05.05.2020

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MachoM said...

Life is hard ...

I hope that we will see each other again some time in the future.