Sunday 10 May 2020

No touch chess

It looks as though restrictions on small gatherings (up to 10 people) are going to be lifted. While this may sound good for chessplayers, there is still a limit on how close you can be together, and for how long. Sitting across from your opponent is probably still not allowed, but based on suggestions I have seen online, there may be a workable solution.
Each player has there own chess set, and sits at their own table. The tables are within sight of each other (eg 2 meteres apart) and the same game is played at each board. Moves are announced, and each player keeps their own time on their own clock.
The two main issues are noise, and keeping track of the time (as the clocks are likely to be out of sync). For the latter, the official time would be the the players own time on their clock, and as for the noise, it is a small price to pay for in person chess.

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