Thursday 30 April 2020

Congrats to Matt

The first ACTCA long time control event finished this evening, with Matt Radisich winning with a score of 5.5/6, half a point ahead of Victor Braguine on 5.
The final round did demonstrate the perils of server play, with springing a server reboot on the field with only 40 minutes notice. While most games finished before the shutdown, a couple were still in progress when the games were aborted. As tournament director I had kept a copy of the moves (and the clock times), but in one instance a player resigned in a losing position rather than restart, while in the other, a failure to restart the game resulted in me (or Fritz) adjudicating the position as a win for one player.
Despite the issues with the event, I plan to start the next tournament next week (Thursday). The event will be open to players outside the ACT, so if you are interested in playing, please email me, or contact me (shaunpress) on

mattrad (1656) - JaykeBJ (1330) [C22]
Live Chess, 30.04.2020

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