Friday, 14 February 2020

The Coldest Game

Years ago I enjoyed watching the TV series "I Spy". It was about a pair of intelligence agents travelling the world posing as tennis players. While it looked like a plausible cover, I thought that travelling the world as a professional chess player would be a better one.
The new movie "The Coldest Game" takes that approach, within the context of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. American Professor Joshua Mansky is forced by the CIA to play the Soviet Champion Alexander Gavrylov in a USA v USSR match, while at the same time trying to contact a mole who has details of the Soviet missile movements.
It was released at the end of 2019 to generally good reviews, and is now available on Netflix. At this stage I haven't watched anything more than the trailers, but I plan to watch the whole thing in the next few days. Of course the chessplayer in me is most interested in whether they get the chess scenes right, but I don't mind a good spy movie, so even if they don't, it might still be worth watching.

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