Monday 3 February 2020

Beer and Blitz

Despite the very high temperatures in Canberra, a group of 12 brave players took part in the first Beer and Blitz tournament yesterday. The event was held at (and sponsored by) The District in Crace, and organised by IA Alana Chibnall.
While a few of us went with the Beer part of the tournament, the rest concentrated on the Blitz, as the results probably showed. After losing her first game, organiser Alana Chibnall ran off 10 straight wins to finish in first place. In second place was Willis Lo on 9, followed by Harry Press on 8.
As is my usual practice in blitz events, I played as many gambit openings as I could. There were at least 3 King's Gambits, one Marshall (which was met by an anti-Marshall), and one Blackmar Diemar. Results did vary, as I only scored 6.5. I did win one game that I started with 1.a3!, and in another game, was gifted a point by an opponent dropped a queen to a knight fork (always capture towards the centre Matt!)
It was a fun tournament, and there are now plans to make it a regular (monthly) event.  Most likely it will be the first Sunday of the month, although that depends on what else is happening on those weekends.

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