Saturday 15 September 2018

Choose your mate

If you are a chess problem composer, being able to checkmate in more than one way is an undesirable outcome. But if you are a player, the having multiple mating moves is usually a good thing. In one of my game from Street Chess today I ended up in such a situation, after my opponent allowed his King to be dragged out into the centre of the board. From move 18 almost every move of mine was met with "Oh No!" from my opponent, and at the end I had the choice of checkmating with my Queen, Rook, Knight or Pawn. After a brief discussion with my opponent ("What do you wish to be mated with?") I went for the minimalist approach and mated with the b pawn.

Press,Shaun - Jochimsen,Erik [C10]
Street Chess, 15.09.2018

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