Saturday, 29 September 2018

2018 Chess Olympiad - Day 5

The 5th round the 2018 Chess Olympiad saw PNG narrowly lose 2.5-1.5 to Mauritius. We were seeded slightly ahead of them, but their lower board players looked to be in quite good form. In the end we were both luck and unlucky, with Tom McCoy missing a win on board 4, while I came back from the dead to grab a point on board 2.
Despite the loss, we are on 8 game points (but only 2 match points) which is a reasonable score for us. One of the positive side effects of this is that we tend to have slightly easier pairings within our score group, although even at the lower end of the tournament, no pairing is truly easy.
In the Open section there are still 4 teams with 5 wins from 5 games. Azerbaijan had a narrow win over Armenia to keep their lead on tie-break, but they share the spotlight with Czech Republic, Poland, and The Ukraine. Australia had win over Faeroe Islands, and now are tied for 25th place. In the Women's event, the Australian team suffered their first loss of the tournament against the Czech Republic, but their 23rd place is still impressive.
Today is the tournament rest day, allowing people to both recover from last nights Bermuda party, as well as to attend meeting. I am currently sitting in a conference on Governance Standards in Sport, which has attracted a small but interested group.

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