Thursday, 12 July 2018

IM Justin Tan on fire

IM Justin Tan looks to be bouncing back from the disappointment of losing a GM norm, with a strong performance at the 2018 Paracin Chess Festival. After 7 rounds he leads the tournament with 6.5, a full point ahead of the chasing pack. While his TPR is a massive 2801, he still needs to play another 2 GM's for the result to count towards his GM title. Fortunately he playing GM Kiril Georgiev in round 8, and a good result, plus a GM in the final round should be enough for his final norm.

Tan,Justin (2481) - Petrov,Martin (2441) [A05]
Sport Summer 2018 Paracin (7.1), 11.07.2018

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Shaun. He did get his final GM opponent and crossed 2500 so hopefully all fine for him to be approved (yes after the setback) Enjoyed visiting your blog to catch up on Oz chess news.