Saturday 28 July 2018

2018 ANU Open Day 1

The 2018 ANU Open has turned out to be a reasonably strong event. 10 of the 29 players in the Open were rated over 2000, with IM James Morris the top seed.
At the end of the first 4 rounds there is a 4 way tie for first, with Morris, FM Yi Liu, Brandon Clarke and CM Clive Ng all on 3.5.
As mentioned in yesterdays post, there have been a number of interesting games on the top boards. I started the tournament on board 1 (as top of the bottom half), and was on the receiving end of an interesting sacrifice from IM James Morris. During the brief post game analysis he thought he was a little lucky to get away with it, but it seems that he always had enough compensation.
Clive NG's win over IM Andrew Brown was another interesting game. Brown was ahead a piece for some of the game, but was overwhelmed by a kingside pawn rush.
In the Minor Mark Scully and Anthena Hathiramani lead with 4/4. As in the Open there have been a number of interesting games, with young Canberra junior Sophia Boyce being the author of a couple of them.
Tomorrows round starts at 9:30 am. You can watch the live games here, as well as replay the top board games from the previous rounds. Full standings from both events can be found at the Street Chess Tournament page.

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