Sunday 12 February 2017

The comeback

The next round of the UK 4NCL competition is currently being played, and having played the last weekend, I'd thought I'd look in.
Both White Rose teams have bounced back it seems, with the top team winning 7.5-0.5 against the Barbican 2 team, while in the 2nd division scored a narrow 4.5-3.5 win over the KJCA Kings. The Division 1 team is now lying second in its division and looks good to qualify for the next stage of the competition. The win for the 2nd's was its first for the season, but is probably too late for the team to catch the leaders.
It is interesting to observe the difference in strength between the various teams, with powerhouses like Guildford able to wheel out GM's as required. Last month Gawain Jones was busy winning the Wijk aan Zee B event, but this month returned to Board 2 for Guildford. On the other hand many teams have a few titled players, bolstered by highly rated local players. While some thinks this disparity detracts from the competitiveness, it is probably no different from the EPL (ignoring Leicester last season), and adds a distinctive character to the competition.

Palliser,Richard J D (2414) - Buchicchio,Giampaolo (2250)
4NCL Division 1b Northampton, ENG (5.63), 11.02.2017

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