Sunday, 28 June 2015

Differences between European and Australian Chess

One of the significant differences between Australian and European Chess (at least in my opinion) is how we deal with cold weather. For most of Australia cold weather doesn't really exist, and so we tend not to prepare that well for it. On the other hand, cold weather (and snow and ice) is a regular part of the European winter, so when it happens, everyone is prepared.
This was brutally highlighted today when I ran the ACT Under 8 Championships. It was held in an unheated school hall, for 24 brave contestants. For most (if not all of the day), the temperature would have been below the age limit for the tournament. This had a couple of effects on the running of the event, although not on the level of play. Setting clocks took a little longer, as my fingers were not able to operate properly. I was also a little lenient on the 'no running in the hall' rule, as this seemed to be the best way to stay warm. And finally, while the little bar heater provided some warmth for parents, I am thinking about renting microwave warmed wheat bags out at the next event at the venue.
As for the chess, Dexuan Kong won the tournament with 8/9, a point ahead of Victor Ni, Arnav Jain and Piet Clayden. Hannah Ni was the best placed Under 6 player, while Stella Pugmire won the Girls prize.
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