Friday, 14 February 2014

The Chess Portal

As I use Wikipedia to research a lot of my chess articles, it is only fair to give a plug to this excellent website. One area I admit to not really visiting is the Chess Portal.This is kind of a 'Front Page' of chess articles and links, with a weekly featured article, plus links to other articles. It also has a "Things you can do" section at the bottom, with suggestions about what articles need work, or even new topics to add. I know IA Gary Bekker has done a large amount of work adding biographies of contemporary chess players, and I've come across good works by other Australian contributors. There is even a big article on Bughouse (Transfer Chess), which may reveal a few secret strategies for the next tournament.
So if you wish to contribute to the effort of extending chess knowledge, or just want to have a leisurely browse, head over to  to get your fill.

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