Monday, 24 February 2014

And the traps go on

The ACT junior chess season kicked off on the weekend with the ACT Junior Lightning Championship. A good field of 44 players turned up, with Michael Kethro winning the event with 11/11. Along the way he picked up a quick win using an opening trap in the Max Lange. During the post mortem I mentioned that I had walked into a similar trap when I was a junior, but it turns out I mis-remembered my own disaster. Rather than the Max Lange it was in the Two Knights Modern variation (the one with the early e5 for White). Moving my knight to the wrong square allowed a Bxf7 sacrifice, which so unnerved me that later I tried to castle, despite having moved my king to f7 and back to e8!

Van Scheepen,Fritz - Press,Shaun [C55])
Woden CC, 22.03.1983

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