Friday 10 January 2014

The need to be exact

Despite my attempts at keeping my CC games to a manageable level, I still have around 10 games on the go. Of course one way to reduce the number of games in progress is to have your hat handed to you by your opponent. This has been happening to me with some frequency, including a game I resigned just this morning.
It was part of the Australia v Germany Friendly, and was one the final games to finish. It was also a reasonably long game (in terms of time), having started in late 2012.
For a long time I thought that I might be holding the position, although my natural pessimism was telling me that I was worse. But as with most CC games, you need to be accurate with every move, and it appears around move 26 I missed a trick with 26.Be2! which would have kept the position equal. After that I was worse (without realising how bad the position was becoming), but played on till even I could see the mate. As for the rest of the match Germany pretty much dominated, leading 72-24 with 4 games to finish.

Press,Shaun - Fischer,Ronald [B07]
AUS v Germany, 09.12.2012

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