Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tata Steel 2014

While Lev Aronian was a comprehensive winner of the top section of the 2014 Tata Steel Tournament, there was a performance in one of the lower tournaments that is also worth noting.
Australian IM Ari Dale took part in the Tiankampen Top, or the top amateurs section. This was a 10 player round robin and Dale was the lowest seed by over 100 points. But after drawing his first two games he scored 5.5/7 to finish in outright first with 6.5/9 (+5=3-1. His performance rating was 2550+ which is above the performance required for an IM norm (although Dale already has his title). I'm not sure whether this performance moves him up to a higher level in next years event (and that may depend upon next years tournament format) but hopefully this tournament victory will lead to bigger things.

Dale,Ari (2228) - Guramishvili,Sopiko (2398) [D31]
Wijk aan Zee Toptienkamp (6), 22.01.2014

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