Sunday, 25 August 2013

Make your own newspaper?

A couple of weeks ago I (re-)found, which is a website that offers you the ability to create your own newspaper. Of course in the 21st century, such papers exist online, rather than in print form, but it is still a way of creating 'new' media. The mechanics are fairly simple, in that you choose a number of new sources and feeds based on you favourite topic and 'hey presto', you have your paper.
Mine is title 'Chessinthenet' (for want of a better name) and currently has a subscription count of 1. In fact I don't mind this as its main purpose is to allow me to quickly find potential topics for this blog. The other reason this isn't a problem is that there are other 'chess newspapers' on the site (for example Chessvibes has one). In looking at my 'competitors' I realised another interesting thing about 21st century media. There are only a few new sources that 'create' news, while the rest simply just serve up other peoples news. So the news items on the Chessvibes paper looked pretty much the same as mine!

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