Saturday, 24 August 2013

How fast can you move?

From today's Street Chess action comes the following position. Black's last move was Kg5-g4 and after about 20 seconds thought White resigned. Of course the gathered kibitzers instantly suggested Rf1 as White's saving move (Rxf1 being stalemate). But the question is: Can you force mate with Black (after Rf1 by White) and do so in under 20 seconds (which is the approximate amount of time Black had left on the clock)?


Anonymous said...

...Ra2 to g2 to g3 to h3 to h1

Anonymous said...

but then the K gets to f2... so Kg3 first

Alana said...

I was moving so slow in that game that I would have probably been the one losing on time... :| and I was four pawns for a piece up!