Thursday, 23 August 2012

Australian University Chess - another rebirth!

Attempts at getting University Chess in Australia operating on a self-sustaining level have always come up short, at least over the last 30 years. I suspect the problem is that while Uni students have the energy of youth, their enthusiasm is spread far too thinly among many competing interests.
So the latest attempt at getting an Australian University competition up an running has at least attempted to deal with this problem. On the 16th of September there will be a teams competition at Macquarie University in Sydney. The organisers are hoping for teams of 10 players, but to make it easier, teams can consist of current students, as well as alumni (past students), and staff. The increased pool of potential players will hopefully make it easier for Universities to field teams.
The event is being organised by Dr Charles Zworestine, along with David Webster and Sebastien Jurd. I'm still waiting on the full details of the event, and when they appear I will make sure to publish them.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the wrong focus. There is a good deal of correlation between the rates of participation in an activity and how well a country performs in that activity. The answer lies in promoting actual Chess Clubs. I don't mean homeless shelters masquerading as chess clubs -Melbourne Chess Club; or wannabe elitist places with no real substance -Canterbury Chess Club. We need chess clubs to meet in peoples houses, ethnic clubs and community halls. Democratise chess not have chess hiding in rarified aspergic suuroundings bereft of tradition, good whisky, cigar smoke and conversation.

Anonymous said...

Correction - it's Brett Tindall running the event. Charles, David and Sebastian are just helping out...

Anonymous said...

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