Monday, 3 October 2011

Improving tournaments

Organisers often have a dilemma when putting on chess tournaments. Do they ration their efforts, based on the assumption that the extra effort won't produce greater returns, or do they work hard at making the tournament more attractive, understanding that this may increase the tournament returns. I'm not just talking about money (and in fact would suggest that organisers not worry about that either) but other features, whether it be venues, conditions or overall tournament feel.'
Generally in Canberra tournament organisers have looked at 'the little things' as a way of making tournaments more attractive, and usually these changes have helped grow the chess scene here.
This years ACT Junior Chess Championship is trying one of these 'little things', by FIDE rating the tournament for the first time. In part this is motivated by having about half a dozen juniors just short of getting a published rating, as well as giving the more established juniors something more to play for. Of course there is an extra cost attached to this move, but it is minimal compared to the overall tournament budget.
For anyone interested in playing in this event, here are some details

Dates: 5-7 October 2011
Rounds: 3 per day
Time: Starts 9:00 am each day
Time Limit: G60m+30s per move
Venue: Campbell High School, Treloar Cres, Campbell
Entry Fee: $40 ($50 for non ACTJCL members)

Further details for this event can be found at the ACT Junior Chess League Website.


Garvin said...

I hope you do not get any 2200 or higher fide rated players.

Eran Smith said...

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