Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blogger busted

If you saw my twitter feed to the right, you would have worked out that my lack of positing yesterday was caused by a failure with the Blogger software I use to maintain this blog. A maintenance upgrade by Google broke something, and it took them a day to fix it. As part of the fix, posts were temporarily rolled back till Wednesday, and even after the more recent posts were restored, it looks as though some user comments have been lost.
As the blogger service is provided by Google as a free service, I'm not going to throw a hissy fit about being off the air for 24 hours. Instead, as someone who works in IT for a living, I can just imagine the panic/shouting/running about that went on inside Google as they tried to find and fix the problem. I'm sure the real pain is going to be felt in the next week or two by the poor Google staff who oversaw the upgrade in the first place.
However, if it does happen again, I can still update my twitter feed on this blog, so keep an eye on that if posts or comments disappear.

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