Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Gibraltar Masters 2011

The Gibraltar Masters is one of the 'big' swiss events on the international calendar. It attracts a large number of GM's and is probably has the strongest field of female players outside of the Womens World Championship and Olympiad.
This years event is no exception and after 8 rounds Vassily Ivanchuck leads with 7/9, just ahead of Nigel Short and Victor Mikhalevski. And further down, demonstrating one of the attractions of an event like this, Viktor Korchnoi and Australian IM Aleks Wohl are both on 5/8 and drawn to play each other in round 9. So far Wohl has had a solid tournament, although his opponents have been 2100 untitled players or 2500+ GM's.
The tournament website has links to all the results and live coverage. I'm assuming the Wohl game will be viable, either on the DGT page or on the Monroi link.

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